Friday, January 1, 2010

Running in the New Year

I remembered last night that my husband goes on a 48-shift starting Saturday (he's a firefighter). Which meant of course, that if I was going to do my run, I'd need to go today instead so he could watch the kids.

I decided on a light lunch so I wouldn't be weighed down. 1/2 a vegetable korma meal (these Tasty Bite meals are on sale at Fred Meyer for $1.67 each by the way...), a couple pieces of apple, and the other half of the banana my lil' guy didn't finish. I drank it down with a tall glass of water and a cup of green tea.

I headed out the door at 1 and it was drizzling. I wasn't looking forward to this run so much as I was looking forward to getting over. Out on the track, the wind really picked up giving me some added resistance training.

About a mile in, I realized I was tired. REALLY tired. Not only had I gone to bed past midnight the last two nights in a row, I'd worked hard at home, and had worked out HARD 6 consecutive days now. My body wanted to rest. My time wasn't looking too hot, so I decided to stop monitoring my split times, and shuffle it out.

I was still able to run without stopping and even kick up the pace a little for my final lap, but my overall pace was 12 minute/mile. I think I see the importance of having that good rest day prior to running. Tomorrow is definitely a rest day!

In spite of the challenge, I'm glad I did it and gave it my best. I'm feeling good to be starting the New Year feeling better than I did at any point in 2009! Welcome to 2010 everyone!

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Kerrie T. said...

Good job getting it done. I definitely felt last night's celebrations on my run today, too. :) Happy 2010!