Sunday, July 18, 2010

Portland Marathon: Decision Time

Yesterday I decided to go on a 14 mile run.

I felt I needed to see how I'd hold up on a long run at this point and determine if pursuing the Portland Marathon for October would be do-able or not. I had some serious doubts after a dismal half marathon finish a couple weeks ago.

So how did my 14 mile run go? Really, really...GOOD! No hip or knee issues and I was able to run most of the whole thing! When my pedometer read 13.1 miles, I was at 2:20 into my run, a full 25 minutes faster than my half marathon time a couple weeks ago!

As I was out there, I had plenty of time to weigh the pros and cons.


- I'm already registered and I've paid my $100
- I'm already up to over a half marathon in distance
- I've wanted to do the Portland Marathon for a LONG time
- 10-10-10 sounds like a neat date to run a marathon
- I've heard good things about this race
- I have friends running this race
- I have this blog about finishing a marathon
- I have done 4 half marathons and 3 full marathons - this will even the score


- My half marathon was pretty poopy
- Long training runs can be sort of draining at times
- Not entirely "feeling" it
- Very busy summer - headed to NYC in August, a couple other obligations in September
- Need to arrange for travel

In the end? The Pros won! I've decided I need to follow through and finish this goal I've started. I'm a little nervous...more so than past marathons...but I know I can do this.

To celebrate my decision, I decided I needed a few pairs of new running socks. The ones I had kept giving me blisters. While not cheap, these Nike running socks put a big ol' smile on my face yesterday and I knew they were just the thing to get me excited about my next training run...16 miles.

I hope to share more with you about how I'm training as I get into the "meatier" long runs. I plan on doing a 16, 18, 20, and 22 in preparation for the full 26.2.

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Nate and Lindsey said...

Good luck as you finish training! Have you tried using a foam roller? I've been running for 5 years and just got into rolling a year ago--and WOW it makes such a difference! I had severe IT issues--hip and knee--and with regular rolling I made it through my last half marathon with much less pain than usual.