Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's about the little choices

While it might sound rather simple, I think I've made an important discovery. Ready for this profound truth? Reaching a big goal requires making positive small choices over a period of time.

Here's the thing. It's so easy to miss a workout saying, "it's only one, it doesn't matter." But missing one makes it all the more easy to miss the next one and thus begins the snowball effect of excuses. Same thing with diet choices. How many times have I dismissed a cookie (or two...or three...) thinking "just today I'll really won't matter."

If you want to tackle a goal such as weight loss or completing a marathon, you have to accept the fact that the goal must be tackled bit by bit. By making the right choices over a period of time. I believe that each of those small decisions matters. A lot. Over time, those small decisions help form positive habits and results beyond fitness. Don't underestimate the power of one "small" decision.

Lately I've also been pondering my mental outlook in achieving these goals. It's easy to focus on where I want to end up - thinner, fitter, and with a marathoner's medal around my neck. But what about the months leading up to that? Everything I must accomplish to get there? I think it needs to be enjoyable. I want to enjoy every step - and every mile - to the finish line. If I can't enjoy the journey, I know I will be more apt to quit.

I want to encourage you today to enjoy every day of your journey, too. Find ways to appreciate where you're at as you move to the finish line. I fully believe it's your mental fitness that guarantees your success in completing your marathon - not just your physical abilities.

So let's go make some positive choices today. Choose to workout 5 minutes longer than normal. Choose that glass of water over the juice. Choose to enjoy the process of becoming a fitter, stronger you.

Photo credit G & A Scholiers

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