Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Before and After"...but not in a good way

Yesterday I asked my friend Susan to take some pictures of me before I start looking really good from working out! (In fact, I even delayed working out yesterday until she took these pictures...silly, I know.) I've had a few friends recently tell me I don't look at all that bad, but I want to share some pictures of what I looked like at the peak of my training and where I'm starting out today.

So let's start with before. Unfortunately, ALL the pictures I have running my races were professionally taken by the race photographers, so I hesitate sharing those for copyright purposes. So these were taken from vacations.

This first picture was taken five years ago on a trip to Yellowstone with my husband. I had just started training for my second marathon (Seattle) and was so dedicated to my schedule, I kept up with my running on this vacation. I remember doing 8-mile runs in both Jackson and Cody.

This second before picture was taken in Hawaii about a couple weeks after finishing my first (and only to-date!) sprint-distance triathlon. I was also 8 weeks pregnant with our first. This sort of marks the end of my era being super fit. That was four years ago. And I weighed about 135.

So what do I look like today and where am I now? There you have it. While not terrible, you can tell I definitely DO NOT look like the fit gal in the previous pictures. Last week, I was at 162 pounds. Except for pregnancy, I've never weighed so much in my life. Let me tell you, it's not fun. Especially because I've enjoyed being slim and fit for most of my life.

I'm really not sharing these pictures to discourage myself, but to remind myself of my goal and how good I can look when I exercise and take care of myself. I also want to share my progress with you in pictures. I'll aim to take updated photos about once per month.

No time for pity parties here, it's time to workout baby!

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