Sunday, December 6, 2009

This week's workout plan & goals

Each Sunday, I'll simply share with you my plan for the week. Remember, I am not in marathon training shape...yet. So December and January I'll spend the bulk of my time establishing a base fitness level.

These plans are meant to give you an idea of how to get started. Feel free to create your own schedule. The cardio will probably mostly be spent on an elliptical trainer this week, although I may also opt for a stationary bike one of the days. One weight session will be upper body, and one will be lower.

Monday: 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes weight training
Tuesday: 30 minutes cardio
Wednesday: 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes weight training
Thursday: 30 minutes cardio
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 3 mile run around a track (that's 12 times for most tracks)
Sunday: OFF

I also want to pay attention to my water intake this week. Sometimes I just plain forget to drink it!

What is everything thinking they'll try to do this week?

Photo credit Sanja Gjenero

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