Monday, December 21, 2009

Weigh in Monday: week three

Today I hopped on the scale to find I'd dropped one more pound. While I was hoping for 2, I'll take it!

That brings my current weight to 157, and my total pounds lost to 5. Not bad considering this is for about 2 weeks' of weight loss. (That's a 3% body loss.) In order to reach my first goal of 149 pounds, I'll need to lose 8 more pounds. I'm hoping to do this in time for my birthday (January 13th) - we'll see. It will for sure mean some hard work.

I would LOVE to be at 155 next week. While I've been at 155 since my daughter's birth, I sure haven't been there in a few months.

Unfortunately I woke up with a sore ankle today. I sure hope I didn't do anything to it. I'm going to play my cardio session by ear today. This morning, I'm going to try to put it up for awhile and then we'll see how I'm doing this evening. If nothing else, I might try the stationary bike or an exercise that doesn't put a lot of stress on it.

Photo credit Gastin Thuavin

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