Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just signed up for the Seattle Rock n' Roll 1/2 Marathon!

Hooray! I did it. I just committed to run my next half marathon!

I selected the Seattle Rock 'n Roll event which is on June 26. My friend Crystal aptly pointed out that I got it wrong on my training schedule - it's in June, not July. Hmmm. So watch for a *revised* training schedule. Given that, I may well opCheck Spellingt out of Sound to Narrows this year. That is a HARD race and I don't know that I want to have those races in the same month.

By the way, I was able to use coupon code AZSURVEY09 on my registration and it worked like a charm and saved me $10! The only bummer was that I ended up having to pay an online registration fee of $6.95, so it sort of negated my savings.

Oh I'm committed to doing this thing and it's time to start ramping up. This wasn't the best week of eating for me, but I've done a decent job with my workouts. Tomorrow I've got a 3-miler to do and I hope that my weight will at least hold steady come Monday for my weekly weigh-in. Fingers crossed!

Has anyone else committed to signing up for a race? If so, which one(s)?


Kerrie T. said...

Congrats! RnR is too pricey for me. I'm signed up for the Mercer Island Half with a bunch of area bloggers and I'm planning on the North Olympic Discovery Marathon (the full!) on June 6 over on the peninsula. Training for NODM starts in two weeks! The half will fall mid-training. Hoping it works out.

Hope your weigh-in goes well!

Angela R. said...

I've done Mercer Island 1/2! I actually got a PR on that race! I've heard good things about the North Olympic race too.