Monday, January 11, 2010

Weigh in Monday: week five + weekly workout schedule

Today I'm sitting (or standing?) at 152 pounds. So that's 1 pound lost from last week and a total weight loss of 10 pounds! I had wanted to reach my first goal of 149 pounds by my birthday, but seeing how that's 2 days away, don't think it's gonna happen.

Incidentally, I had a GREAT 3 mile run yesterday! I can totally see an improvement in my place. My splits actually got FASTER by the lap and I was able to sustain a 9-minute pace for my last lap around the track! What's more, I was able to do my run wearing my favorite running shorts - size medium - that I wasn't able to fit in even 3 weeks ago!

The plan this week? I'm going to drop one of the cardio sessions. The last couple weeks I've realized I've only been able to manage 1 at most, so I'm just going with it. I figure 5 out of 7 days of working out is working for me A-OK! Remember, my goal is to come up with a sustainable lifestyle here.

Monday: Shred - Level 3
Tuesday: Cardio - 45 minutes
Wednesday: Shred - Level 3
Thursday: Shred - Level 2
Friday: Shred - Level 3
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 3 mile run around the track

How's everyone else doing? Where are you at with the 30-day Shred if you're doing it? How about your running?

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