Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two month results photos!

I have yet to post any decent current photos of myself, so I decided to do just that today!! Let's start with before. My weight was 162 pounds and it was early December. I was in size 12s (and snugly at that!)

And here I am today, 12 pounds lighter at 150 pounds and wearing my size 8 pre-pregnancy jeans! This took about two months to acheive. I mainly did this by doing the 30-day Shred and incorporating at least one running session per week of about 3 miles.

Now I'm going to share a new "before" photo. I asked my friend Susan to take this profile shot of me. I was really horrified how bad it looked...what's worse, I realized how frumpy I'd let myself get with the long hair. Check it out.

Here is my new profile. Oh please someone tell me that they notice some changes!!

I can tell I still have a ways to go, but overall, I'm liking the results I've gotten so far! I really feel much slimmer in my midsection and my arms are feeling more toned, too. By the way, like the new 'do?


Terra said...

you do look wonderful! I also have to say you wore your weight well, your size 12 photo really doesn't look bad at all!!! Congratulations on your journey!!!

Amy said...

Good for you!! Yes I can tell a difference and yes I like the new haircut, it's more stylish.

sarahjayne76 said...

Way to go Angela, you look great. How great to see these results so quickly. Love the hair too.

Reynolds Family said...

You are doing GREAT!!!! I love the hair, very clean and stylish. Not mommy at ALL!

Lara Robinson said...

I totally see a difference in your mid-section. Your belly is smaller and your thighs have pulled in a little too! And, your hair is very cute. It looks like they cut off a lot of dead ends, it looks much healthier now. Angela, you're doing great, keep up the good work!!

Angela R. said...

Thanks!! You know when I started this blog I thought how difficult it might be to post pictures of me like this. It's actually been an extremely motivating process - I can SEE the results and it encourages me to continue on this journey. I highly recommend it - whether or not you blog. Thanks again!