Monday, February 8, 2010

Weigh in Monday: week eight

Today I weigh...150 pounds! Finally, the scale is continuing its descent! That's down 2 pounds from last week's 152 and a total weight loss of 12 pounds. I am now only ONE pound away from reaching my first goal of 149 pounds. I am hoping to crush that this week.

I realize it's time for an updated picture, so I'll see if I can get my hubby to take one of me in my SIZE 8 JEANS later today!

By the way, I had the BEST run yesterday. I mean, it was a really, REALLY good run. One of those runs you remember for a long time. My husband encouraged me to run out near this golf course in University Place (Washington) and man, was it ever beautiful! Water, nice trails, golf course...very scenic, and VERY challenging. I bet this one hill I had to run up was a good .4 - .5 mile. And after running that huge hill, I ran a pretty hard mile. I ran a total of 40 minutes and I felt very strong and fast.

The goal this week - keep up a couple gym workouts. I think the cardio is really important in dropping this weight. I want one of these to incorporate running - I'll choose Wednesday.

Monday: 45 minutes cardio, 20 minutes weights
Tuesday: Shred, Level 3
Wednesday: 40 minutes cardio (make some of this running), 20 minutes weights
Thursday: Shred, Level 3
Friday: Shred, Level 2
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 3 miles

Here we go!


Reynolds Family said...

Great Job!!!! Knew you would do it!

Lara Robinson said...

That's great!!! You've come such a long way, can't wait to see the pic of you in your SIZE 8 jeans! And cardio is EXACTLY the way to get the pounds off. Keep it up, you're doing great.

Amber Red said...

I love that video! And it is tough. Great job!
I just started my weightloss plan too :)