Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Current weight results!

OK, so I've not been as consistent with my weekly weigh-in results. At this point, my weight loss has slowed down and I'm getting closer to my goal, so I'm thinking I might do a monthly or twice-monthly weigh-in at this point. Some weeks I'm staying the same or losing about .5 pound.

As of today, I'm at 145 pounds! That's a total weight loss of 17 pounds, and a total body loss of 10%! I'm super excited to be moving closer and closer to those 130's. I'm now less than what I weighed just prior to my last pregnancy. I've really done something here! I'm also less than 10 pounds to my goal of 136, which will be a weight loss of 26 pounds.

My next mini-goal will be to reach 140 pounds. It's been a good 3+ years since I was at that weight. I'm at the point in my weight loss journey now where I'm completely convinced I will reach my goal. It's not an "if," it's a "when," and that feels amazing.

Later today, I'll have my husband take some updated pictures of how I look. I can't wait to see the progress I've made since early December.


Katie said...

Great job, Angela!!! 10% is such a success...I totally agree that it's a "WHEN," not an "IF" for reaching your goal. I've been working on the same - have lost 16 pounds and have about 14 more to go for my goal. Being halfway there feels great - and it's good to see others heaving success too!

Angela R. said...

Katie, GREAT JOB on YOUR weight loss, too!! It's amazing how dropping that amount of weight makes your outlook feel SO much brighter, doesn't it? Keep it up!