Friday, June 25, 2010

Tomorrow is race day

Ah....the day before a race.

How am I feeling? Nervous. Excited. Ready to go already. Ready to be celebrating my accomplishment, sore feet and medal hanging from my neck.

I can't believe here I finally am. After starting out of shape and overweight several months ago, I've lost most of the weight and am capable of finishing a half marathon without killing myself! The human body is truly an amazing thing. While I wish I would've pushed myself harder to have lost those last few pounds, I am truly grateful at the progress I have made.

Yesterday I picked up my timing chip and racing bib. I must say that most of this last week I haven't really been "feeling" this race. And then something happened when I walked into the expo. Maybe it's the loud music and flashing lights. Maybe it's being surrounded by hundreds of runners that are gearing up to run the same race. Or maybe it's the memory of preparing for my first half marathon several years ago. Whatever the case, I can say I'm ready!

I was talking to my friend Denise last night on the phone. I had the pleasure of training for and running my my recent marathon, The Disney World 2007 Marathon, with her. I was telling her how as I left the expo yesterday, I was fighting back tears. She understood exactly what I meant by that. There is just something so powerful, so moving, and life-changing about the marathon process. I can't fully articulate it (and I am a person of many words).

I feel so blessed that after two kids, I'm still at this. And no doubt tomorrow, even after 3 half marathons and 3 full marathons, there will still be a few tears of hard-earned accomplishment.

Time to eat some pasta, put my feet up a little, and picture that finish line.

See you on the other side!

Pictured above: my running shirt, bib, and swag from yesterday's Expo

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