Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot and Hilly 8 Miler Yesterday!

So it turns out I will NOT be doing Torchlight next week, so I decided to run 8 miles yesterday and save the 16 for next weekend. This is a better training strategy anyways. I don't like to increase my long runs back to back when I don't have to! It gives my body time to adjust and helps prevent overtraining.

If any of you live in Western Washington, you know we've had an unseasonably wet and cold summer. Which is perfect for running! I do not particularly enjoy running in hot weather. But yesterday, the sun came out just in time for my 8-miler. HOORAY. (Huge dose of sarcasm here.)

Fortunately, I had significant shade for most of the run, but I still managed to get a decent sunburn by the time I was done. Reminder to self: wear sunscreen! I also had a nice coat of salt on my skin and face.

The run felt harder than my 14-miler from the week before. I just felt stiff, though I can't say that my joints hurt. I just felt...tired. I've had to learn to not let this sort of thing discourage me long-term though. I have some good runs, some OK runs, and some bad runs. I'd say this one was OK because I was able to run it all (except the last monster hill at the end!).

My good friend Heather will be in town next weekend, and I can hardly wait! Heather and I used to work together and we've done several races together. My half marathon PR (Mercer Island in 2:10) was completed thanks to her kickin' my butt the whole way! I also trained for and completed my first and only sprint triathlon thanks to Heather! But alas - she up and left me to marry her husband and moved to Texas. (OK, Heather...I'll forgive you!!) Anyhow, she asked if I'd be interested in doing a long run with her while she's here this weekend. What a trooper - planning a long run on her break home! I'm not sure that I'll be able to keep up with her, but I'll try for old times' sake!