Thursday, August 12, 2010

My review of POM Wonderful

I was recently contacted by the folks at POM Wonderful to see if I would like to review their pomegranate juice. (Would I?!)

The juice? Just delicious in my opinion. If you've never had pomegranate juice, I would equate its tartness similar to cranberry. It definitely has a stronger taste than most juices. As with cranberry, it works really well when blended with other fruits. POM Wonderful sent me their blueberry pomegranate to review, and I found the sweetness of the blueberry was a perfect pairing with the pomegranate!

So why pomegranate juice? And why POM Wonderful?

Throughout history, pomegranates have been known for their antioxidants. And POM Wonderful is committed to providing the very best pomegranate juice. I was impressed to learn that all of their juice comes from California (the San Joaquin Valley) - nothing imported here.

Their products have also been extensively researched for medical benefits ($34 million spent on research since 1998, to be exact). In case you're wondering, they did find a whole host of benefits - particularly for prostate and cardiovascular health and erectile function.

As I suspected, there are other uses for POM Wonderful. If you visit their website, they have an entire section devoted to recipes using their product!

I actually had some just before and just after a long run recently. Simple sugars, such as those found in juices, are perfect because your body can use them right away. I would definitely recommend POM Wonderful to someone looking to make healthful choices in their diet!

Note: POM Wonderful sent me a case of pomegranate juice to review. All opinions expressed are my own.