Thursday, September 9, 2010

A hot & sunny 6 miler

A couple weeks ago it was still summer (at least weather-wise) in the Northwest. And although I know better, it just so worked out that on one particular day, I had to do my run in the late afternoon.

For kicks, I decided to take my camera and share my adventures with you. It sure made it seem more like "fun" and less like "work!"
Beautiful location for a run, eh? It is! This is one of my very, very favorite places to run at the moment. It's in University Place, Washington at the new Chambers Bay Golf Course. If you haven't been there, it's worth visiting. They have PAVED trails, a dog run, restrooms, and lots of great vistas, such as this:
This was taken at the halfway point of my run, at about 3 miles out. To prove to you that I survived, I decided to snap a quick self photo. Yes, it was hot!

Remember, if your running routine has you in a rut, get out there and have fun! Try a new route, bring your camera, run with a friend and chat about old times. Keep things spicy!