Sunday, January 3, 2010

This week's workout plan & goals: 1/4

Tonight I decided to kick it up a notch. I did the 30-Day Shred Level 1 followed by Level 2! It was crazy...but the crazier thing is I did it without stopping and felt great the whole way through!

At some point during Level 1 I realized that tonight is four weeks from the first time I tried it. I remember huffing and puffing then...tonight I breezed through it. (OK, so I still can't do the two full sets of "real push-ups," but I'll get there!) After a quick water break, it was onto Level 2. I feel amazing. Seriously, this video has WORKED at improving my fitness in such a short amount of time!

Here is my plan for the first full week of workouts in 2010!

Monday: 45 minutes cardio
Tuesday: Level 2 Shred
Wednesday: 45 minutes cardio
Thursday: Level 3 Shred (here we go again!!)
Friday: Level 2 Shred
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 3 mile run

I'm liking the mix of cardio at gym, workout at home, and running on track combo. The variety of activity, location, and times involved really keep things fresh and easy to stick with.'ll probably notice my workout schedule's gonna be more or less this type of combination for January.

You also may have noticed I like doing two sessions of cardio other than running per week. I try to make these between 40-60 minutes long for two reasons: 1) to burn fat, and 2) to build cardio endurance prior that will assist me as I begin to run.

As far as nutrition goes, towards the end of this week I started just feeling a bit sluggish again. And this afternoon I had a massive craving for something sweet and snacky. I ended up snacking on a few Apple Jacks - not the best, I know - but certainly not the worst either. This week I want to be more deliberate in my meal planning and to remember to be consistent about my water intake.

What are you going to focus on this week?

Photo credit Sanja Gjenero

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