Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1st weight goal met!

I am 149 pounds! That was my first goal and to-date I've lost a half-marathon of weight (13 pounds). This is a total body weight loss of 9%!

Let me tell you, there was something very empowering about seeing that line drop below 150. I haven't been below 150 in three years and it feels really, really good.

So I'm officially half way to my goal weight of 136. My next mini-goal will be 147 pounds, my weight at the start of my second pregnancy.


Reynolds Family said...

Keep it up! I love seeing how you are doing!

Lara Robinson said...

That's fantastic, good for you! It's a very psychological thing to see the scale dip below the "10's", and you did it! Those next two pounds will come off quickly, now that spring is here!