Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weigh in Tuesday: week nine


As I stood standing on the scale this morning, it felt strangely like the time I thought I was looking at a faint - very faint - positive pregnancy test about three years ago. Was that a second line? Maybe.... If I held it to the light? I remember actually opening up the darn thing and taking the paper out, scanning it into my computer and trying to jimmy with the lighting. I went to bed that night still not certain if I was pregnant or not. Sure enough, a couple days later I tested and that second line popped right up. And that second line meant my daughter would soon be joining our family.

So today I'm craning my neck to see if the scale's line is on or below that 150 mark. I'm pretty sure it was a nudge below, but it's SO close! Like the pregnancy test that turned out to be positive, I'm hoping when I re-weigh myself in a couple days that it will be clear I've met my first milestone of 149 pounds. Here's hoping!

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