Sunday, March 28, 2010

Are you a fair weather runner?

Wind. Rain. Cold. Getting dark. Tired.

On Thursday, I had every excuse to NOT run. Ever notice how all these runners magically appear in the spring and summer?

In spite of how I was feeling and the weather, I decided to lace up my sneakers quickly and get out there. The more you sit around and think about it, the less likely you'll be to follow through.

It was so cold those first few minutes, I had a hard time slowing my breathing. But about 10 minutes in, I was able to relax and even enjoy the Northwest spring evening. On my way back, it was starting to get dark, so I picked up the pace just a bit.

This is one of those runs I'm truly proud of and will remember. Not because it was long - it was just 3 miles. And it certainly wasn't run that fast - something about an 11 minute per mile pace. I'm proud because I was able to go for my run in spite of the excuses.

Here's the thing - there will ALWAYS be an excuse you can use to not workout. I know I've used my fair share in the last couple years. But the fact I'd go out and run in the wind and rain in the evening proves to me that I have made some positive changes over these past few months. I have successfully gotten back into the habit of working out.

Tonight I was going to plop down and watch Celebrity Apprentice and write this post when it occurred to me I was going to use this as my excuse to not workout! Talk about hypocritical, right? So I sat down the laptop, got into my workout gear and did squats, push-ups, lunges and jumping jacks for an hour of the TV show!

After Apprentice, the local news came on. They're expecting a spring storm with strong wind and lots of rain. Goody. I'll be waiting!

Photo credit Panti Marta