Friday, April 2, 2010

Silencing the green eyed monster

Earlier this week, I was pounding it out on the cardio machine and of course there she was.

The girl that looked amazing. Perfect figure. Pretty. You know the type.

Immediately the thoughts much I'd like to look like that...feeling bad about not looking that know. Sometimes I'll let these thoughts simmer, fester for awhile until I'm left with a general feeling of discontentment.

Today though, I remembered the Bible verse that reads, "take every thought captive." Do you know what this means? Simply put, it means we're to be aware of our thought life and if there's a thought that's pulling us in a wrong direction, we should discard it.

Jealous thoughts can be so hard to deal with, can't they? So here's how I dealt with those thoughts this week. I made myself think of things I like about me. And specifically, my new found fitness and the way I look. It honestly took some work and pause, but this was good because it distracted me from what I had been thinking about previously.

Later it occurred to me how futile jealousy is. Can you ever be pretty enough? Rich enough? Smart enough? There will always be someone better than you in some regard so we must all come to terms with jealousy. And I truly believe learning to be content and grateful for what we have is key for moving past those thoughts.

After coming to terms with my thinking I was able to concentrate my attention on where it was needed: a hard 45-minute cardio workout!

Photo courtesy stock.xchng