Monday, April 5, 2010

6 mile run on Saturday!

On Saturday, I officially and *finally* kicked off my marathon training!

My friend Kim invited me to run a 6-mile route with her and some friends. I'd run my first half and full marathons with Kim, so it was like good times all over again!

She suggested the route around the new Chambers Golf Course in University Place. Have you seen this place? It's AMAZING! They have a 3.5 mile paved trail that takes you near the water, around the golf course and near a dog park. While beautiful, it sure is hilly though. Plus, after we'd done that route, we had to continue another 2.5 miles to make it an even 6.

Guess what? I finished in just under 62 minutes! Not bad for the longest distance I've run since 2007, eh? Remember just a few months ago I was doing about a 12-minute pace? There is hope!

My plan at this point is to do a long run on Saturdays (following more or less this schedule), and one 3-4 miler during the week. I also plan to keep on doing some additional weigh training/cardio during the week to continue on my weight loss journey and keep a good level of fitness.

I'm so excited to be at this finally be running a full hour without stopping. It feels fantastic. Really fantastic.

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