Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PUSH week

So yesterday was my weigh-in. And you might have noticed I didn't post my results or workout plan.

Yet again, my weight had remained the same as previous weeks: 152 pounds. After feeling sorry for myself, I realized I needed to make a decision: am I going to give up, keep doing what I'm doing, or push harder? I realized the first two weren't options, at least not real options if I want to continue this journey.

As it appears I've hit some sort of plateau, I decided it's time to take things up another level. I'm ready to ditch the 150's for the 140's and I'm going to make a serious PUSH this week. I might not keep things at this intensity forever, but I feel I need a really hard week to kick things into gear. Here's my plan. I already completed Monday's workouts and I. AM. SORE.

Monday: 2 mile run, 30 minutes weight train (morning); 30-day Shred Level 1 (evening)
Tuesday: 40 minutes cardio
Wednesday: 40 minutes cardio (morning); 30-day Shred Level 3 (evening)
Thursday: 30-day Shred Level 1 & 2
Friday: 30-day Shred Level 3, 30 minutes cardio
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 3.5 miles (this is my first week stepping up distance in two months)

While this might look crazy, I think it's exactly what I need to keep focus. It's every bit about keeping me mentally in this race as it is physically.

I also want to really pay attention to my eating habits this week. I'm gonna hit the produce store today and figure out some healthy meals. One thing I did do well last week was to remember to pick up some protein powder. I've been using that in place of carb-filled breakfasts. If I get a late night craving, I'm taking a little bit of it as well to avoid high-calorie snacking.

I've completed 10 miles of this race. While I'm not halfway there yet, I'm sure close and I'm pushing forward.

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Reynolds Family said...

You can do it Angela! Here is a quick, healthy smoothie idea. 1 banana, 1/2 c. skim milk, 1/2 c. fat free yogurt (any kind that you think would go well with banana), 1/4 c. plain oats. I really like this when the banana is frozen. Whip it up in a blender and you are good to go! Plenty of protein to get you through to the next meal! Add some protein powder if you want. Enjoy!